Commission Custom Artworks

Owing to the way I work with color, I can do commissioned pieces within any color palette that you prefer. If you like works that are predominately blue, for example, that is not a limitation for me. It is a challenge.

However, I cannot do “another” piece like one that has sold. Because chance, or more accurately, the physics of pigment and fluids, plays a major role in the outcomes of my work, I can paint within the same range, say a complementary analogous harmony, and I can vary the size of the image to fit your wall space.

Additionally, I can give you a choice of color in the frame. The two choices are white and black. All frames are 2-1/2″ in depth, the front return edge is 1″. Smaller pieces (under 24×33″) use a smaller molding.

To discuss further, or to commission a custom painting, please contact me via email to set an appointment day and time:


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